XPages Presentation from the GRANITE User Meeting

April 20 2009

Here is the presentation that I did with Philippe Riand of IBM this morning at the GRANITE (Chicago Lotus Notes User Group) on XPages. This is a near duplicate of the presentation that Phil did at Admin / Lotus Developer 2009 last week. Instead of having Phil travel to Chicago for this, it made more sense that I presented the slides and Phil ran the demos. It worked out very well and everyone in the room seemed to enjoy the presentation - based on the great comments!

It covers the following:

1. What is XPages?
2. XPages Basics
3. XPages Advanced Topics
4. XPages Futures

It also has links to quite a few of the XPages demos that are available around the community.

One item of note: Just as the IBM legalize states in the slides, the futures stuff is not committed too. Don't plan around that functionality until you see it in the product :-)

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