XPages idea sparks world domination? hmmmmm

June 25 2008

Yesterday, I had an idea hit me between the eyes as I was thinking about XPages. Some background ...

Last week, while out to dinner with the XPages group in Westford, Nathan Freeman and I were talking about possible ideas for submitting sessions at Lotusphere. Yeah, I know, a bit early, but not really. Nathan and I have talked about doing a session together ... and if we both survive working with each other, it might be a killer experience :-)

So I called Nathan, told him about my idea .. and it ties almost perfectly into something he is working on. When I talked thru the entire idea, Nathan finally saw the end game. I think he is jazzed about it. As he said, if we hit our "500 million" goal, this could be a major application we build.

So I am not going to reveal what it is ... I know, I hate that too. Sorry. But you will hear about it as the work to see if we can do this transpires. Hopefully this will push others to go out there and totally geek out on XPages.

What a fun time the rest of 2008 is going to be. Have you installed the 8.5 server and client betas yet?

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  1. 1) Chris Reckling says:

    I can't wait to hear about this! (I bet you'll build your own Notes client rendering engine that hooks into xpages, right??)


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