XPages Comes of Age - 6.17.2008 - Remember that date

June 20 2008

Everyone should remember the date of 6.17.2008. And not because the Celtics beat the snot out of the Lakers to claim the NBA title. Why should you remember that date? XPages came of age that day.

I was one of the folks invited to Westford by IBM to get some XPages training. IBM thought they had something 'special' (to use Bill Hume's word) in XPages, but you could tell they were a bit scared that the Design Partners, Managed Beta, and general beta users were not noticing. I told a group of folks Monday night that I had not had my "ah ha" moment with XPages yet, and that is why I was going to the training.

Talk about an 'ah ha' moment! More like a major ass kicking on why XPages are the future!

So, before I give you my thoughts, let me recap what other people there thought:

Andrew Pollack:

Nathan Freeman:

Meet Domino Superior (or A Tutorial on Why XPages Are Better Than Cake and Ice Cream)

Rob McDonagh:

XPages in Domino Designer 8.5

Yes, Nathan's blog shows an amazing demo ... a true look-up in a Notes view, but it isn't half of what we saw and did. Wait until you see the Discussion 2.0 template!!!! woah. EVERYTHING is computable, and if there is a property you want to muck with on the panel, flip to the All Properties section and tweak it. Don't want to do that? Flip the the XML source and edit it raw. I have never seen as much power and extensibility in anything that comes from a RAD development platform.

More importantly, look how excited Rob is. Unlike Andrew, Nathan, and myself, he is a customer. Rob doesn't care about building XPages components for resale. Or how we can build new templates for resale. He cares about building applications for the company he works for. A customer who is excited about the coming revolution. Go reread that post ...

XPages is going to change everything you know about Notes and Domino development. Why? Because it makes industry standard, and easy to hire skills, forefront in Domino. XML, JavaScript, and CSS is the core of XPages. You can take any web developer out there and get them building Domino XPages fairly quickly. You can take any Domino developer, who is scared of Java, and give them XPages and they will run wild.

XPages has the chance to be the first major revolution of the entire product since Notes 4.0, when LotusScript was added to the product. Remember those times? The explosion of the LAEC market. The BP and ISV groups cranked out products and tools. If anything can bring back a time of pure growth in the Domino world, it is XPages.

The two days this week also puts far more pressure on IBM to deliver XPages in the client. I can't break my NDA, but it is not as simple as just surfacing a web browser in the Notes Standard client. If Maureen and Phillepe can do what they want, XPages in the client will be even better than what you are reading about on the web. A single source developed application that runs NATIVE (think of what that means) in both a browser and the Notes client. Now the revolution just goes wild.

Oh, and I think XPages will literally kill the Notes 8 Basic client. This will be the reason people move to upgrade hardware.

Lots more to come about XPages over the weekend. If you have not installed the Notes 8.5 beta client and Domino 8.5 beta server, do it this weekend. Even on a box at home. Go play.

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