XPages and SharePoint working together? You Bet ... here is a video

February 17 2011

One of the best demos I saw at Lotusphere 2011 was an application that Stephan Wissel wrote. In preparation for my IdoSphere: Super Feats of Integration of XPages with Symphony, SharePoint, and Office session, I reached out to Stephan and asked if I could add his app to my demo warchest. To highlight the demo, here is a video:

So what you can see is an XPages application consuming the SharePoint Lists web service that is standard in an SPS installation. Stephan than shows how you can display the data from the SharePoint list in the XPages application.

This is not a rip and replace demo. This is the integration of these two technologies to build a killer application. Look for more in this space as the year progresses. Awsome work Stephan, thanks for letting me include your demo!