Why LDC Via? The non-technical reason for our strategic partnership

August 23 2016

Last week at MWLUG 2016, PSC was proud to announce our new strategic partnership with LDC and their Via offering. It is getting some coverage in the community, and when we get the press releases out, hopefully some press attention.

Image:Why LDC Via? The non-technical reason for our strategic partnership

I have been asked "Why?" quite a bit since that announcement. There are a bunch of technical reasons and I will let Mark talk about that. Keep an eye on his blog for the next few weeks for some specific technical discussion.

But let's talk from a business point of view. What I care about is what helps me in my effort to help my current customers and get one ones. Yes, I am in sales - you all know that. So how does this fit into my sales strategy? It's really simple. We have many customers who are existing Notes client, Domino Web, & XPages customers who are looking for options to move their applications off the platform. Let's put all the emotional stuff aside, but this year has seen a massive increase on that request. And it's no secret that PSC has been working with customers to modernize and migrate applications from Notes to different platforms for years. SharePoint is still the top target platform and our partnership with Nintex has really led to some great customer experiences. We added QuickBase and OutSystems to that practice the past two years and are seeing success. But what do we do with the customers that just want a web application platform without doing a complete migration? That is the key.

As we discussed in our MWLUG 2016 presentation, moving data is straight forward these days. Legacy applications that are tied to a rich client require a user experience rewrite to bring in the UI and mobile functionality customers are asking for. But the security model of Notes & Domino, along with replication for off-line use, is what keeps so many applications tied to the platform. I have many customers that have moved email to another platform and made announcements, both internal and external, that they have depreciated Notes & Domino as an app dev platform and picked something else. But most of those customers still have many Notes apps running the business. No platform or tool handles the usage and migration of the Notes security model.

Image:Why LDC Via? The non-technical reason for our strategic partnership

Our presentation last week broke down the “Why?” question with a few points:

·        Working together to meet client needs for low-risk migration
·        Modern development platform
·        Familiar REST based API Model
·        Familiar security model baked in
·        Data Migration tools

Let’s dive a bit deeper on the point that really resonates with us. LDC Via provides a secure encrypted cloud repository, but it also mimics the Notes security model like nothing else we have seen. It allows existing applications to exist as they are today, while still removing the dependency on Notes & Domino. Via provides a bridge to existing customers and an easy path for Notes/Domino/XPages developers who might not be technically ready for something more extreme. That isn’t even thinking about all the whitespace application development that is possible.

Image:Why LDC Via? The non-technical reason for our strategic partnership

Our goal with this partnership is to be able to offer an existing Notes/Domino/XPages customer multiple options along a roadmap of application modernization. Some customers will jump straight to another vendor. Others will select a pure open source solution. But many will look for a platform that allows for a transition vs. a migration. LDC Via helps us with that transition strategy and more.

We are excited about this opportunity to work with the LDC team. Keep an eye out on the PSC blogs and social accounts as we talk more about our vision and partnership.

One final thought: I have heard people ask “What does LDC get out of this partnership with PSC?” as this announcement was made. While they should answer that themselves, I think having the largest North American XPages consultancy working with them is something that they find quite attractive. I would hope having a partner in me, a dedicated salesperson focused on selling application modernization and modern web development, doesn’t hurt either

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