Why does IBM think Domino Document Manager/ILDDM/Domino.Doc is dead?

July 24 2008

So Ed's comment sparked me to write this blog entry .. and it won't be pretty.

IBM seems to think that Domino Document Manager, also known as ILDDM, also known as Domino.Doc, is in maintenance mode. How can IBM put a product into maintenance mode when there is no replacement for it?

No folks, Lotus Quickr does not match the functionality requirements that ILDDM fits. Nor does any of the other document management systems that IBM owns, including FileNet. For large customers, FileNet is a great solution. For those looking for replacing network share drives with some basic collaboration, Lotus Quickr works pretty well. Heck, you can even use that amazing Mainsoft Sharepoint Integrator for Lotus Notes for document sharing. Their sidebar app for Sharepoint is absolutely killer!

But if you want a SMB document management solution or a document management solution that is so customizable it can become part of a larger process (for example, a major manufacturer using a custom Notes based work flow application for project life cycle that integrates with ILDDM for document control and versioning), there is no better solution.

I don't want to hear about using the Lotus Quickr Content Integrator to move my data from ILDDM to Lotus Quickr. Guess what folks ... Lotus Quickr does not do what ILDDM does! Where is the granular draft and versioning system? Detailed custom metadata that a power user can build? 7 level hierarchical structure that mimics a file cabinet so that any user can quickly understand how things are organized? And a LotusScript API that is super powerful? Lotus Quickr does not have those features ... and is a long way from having them as far as I can tell.

IBM should replace the web and Notes interface to match the new Lotus UI theme. Heck, just rip the Quickr UI. Replace the ODMA interface with the Quickr Connector technology. But do not force feed me a product that does not meet the requirements of my customers and projects!

It is time for IBM to step up and fix the Domino Document Manager message. NOW.

Update: Ed's comment didn't mean ILDDM was in Maintenance. And I knew that but it poured some fuel on to the fire that was burning around here this morning. So, apologies to Ed because ILDDM is not in maintenance mode officially. But it sure as hell feels that way.