Why did Lotus/IBM never add webdav to Domino?

July 10 2008

So one of the biggest holes in the Domino server product is the fact that Webdav is missing. With webdav, we could have iPhone connectivity ourselves. With Webdav, we could build connectors like the Quickr ones ourselves. With Webdav, web services become so much more powerful.

IBM, why is there no Webdav support for Domino? Webdav should be in Domino 8.5 ... and you know it.

Update: So yes, Domino supports WebDav for design elements ... I am talking about for documents. Where is full support of the WebDav standard that would allow me to navigate a Notes database using Office or other Webdav clients? That is what I am looking for ... and asking why IBM never did that

8 Responses to “Why did Lotus/IBM never add webdav to Domino?”

  1. 1) Carl Tyler says:

    Because Domino was supposed to go away, at best keeping it around as a mail server.

    Fortunately that didn't happen, but the Domino Server did miss out on some key features and technologies because resources were working on other things. Now they appear to be back on it though.

  2. 2) Andrew Pollack says:

    well, it is there -- sort of -- but in a crappy way. You can turn it on but it mounts a database and store the files as "file resources" without an kind of call back or automation around them.

    It can be kind of use useful for developers as a place to put css, html, and javascript files -- but not terribly so.

  3. 3) Douglas G. Robinson says:

    As Andrew said, WebDAV is available under Domino, and it stores items as shared resources in databases. I have to disagree with his assessment and adjective describing it, however; we have found it quite useful in allowing us to tie in other development environments, such as Dreamweaver, etc.

  4. 4) Ed Maloney says:

    Webdav has been there for a while, but is considered to be a quirky and incomplete implementation. Quirky and incomplete...Domino? Here's an article on codestore;

    { Link }

  5. 5) Stephan H. Wissel says:

    I did a birds-of-a-feather on webDAV for Domino @ Lotusphere 2006.

    It did draw some interest from partners but obvious none from core development.

    Time for action?

  6. 6) Marten Vosmer says:

    Its now 2011, and Lialis (my company) has build webdav for Domino and quickr, so not only for the db design resources.

    Want to know more please check out:

    { Link }

  7. 7) Kim van den Berg says:

    I would like to extend Marten Vosmers' post while Lialis released Lotus WebDAV after the success of Quickr iPad. Every user with a Lotus Domino environment can benefit from this software. Therefore the first user can download the software for free ({ Link } ) and we are currently developing a solution for IBM Connections as well (to be released in January 2012).

  8. 8) Ilya Vasyashin says:

    We tried to continue the Stephans initiative in our project DoT4D { Link } may be it helps any one. We have added the ability to open an attachment from any database through WebDAV, depending on the access course.

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