Where to find PSC Group at IBM ConnectED 2015

January 22 2015

PSC at IBM ConnectED 2015

PSC will be presenting the following sessions at IBM ConnectED 2015 – we hope to see you at one of them!

Speaker Title Abstract Date/Time Location
Mark Roden BTE102: The Future of Web Development - Write Once, Run Everywhere with AngularJS and Domino AngularJS is currently the most popular JavaScript MVC framework. It's driving more adoption and interest in the MVC/ REST API application architecture model. The ease of use, portability and re-usability of the code makes it an ideal solution for modern web developer needs. We'll show you how to use AngularJS to modernize your existing Domino apps, while leveraging Domino's best features. The speakers will also demonstrate how the power of architecting a solution based on AngularJS allows your Domino application to be made available through other platform interfaces. Taking "Write once, run everywhere” in the literal sense, you will see the same Angular/ Domino based app running natively in XPages, IBM Connections, Bluemix, IBM Worklight and more. Client-side JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS are the future of web development - come and see it in action. Mark Leusink will co-present this session. Mon, 26-Jan, 03:45 PM - 04:45 PM Swan-Toucan 1-2
Mark Roden Speedgeeking It all started here years ago, and it’s a condensed, immersive and rowdy approach to hearing from some of the best and brightest and a wildly popular approach to learning about the tips, techniques and (sometimes crazy) ideas that they have been working on. Participants will migrate as a group around the room from one 5-minute demo station to the next, while stopwatches, buzzers and a loud-mouthed emcee keeps things fast-paced and on track Mon, 26-Jan, 06:15 PM - 07:15 PM Swan Osprey 1-2
Brad Balassaitis BP105: Take Your XPages Development to the Next Level Are you ready to take your XPages development to the next level? If you know the basics, then you're ready to dig deeper and find great features that are built into XPages, but aren't as well known. Join us to learn about a wide range of techniques that can help you improve application performance, take control of the HTML output, enhance your use of event handlers, and much more. This session will be co-presented by Paul Calhoun. Tue, 27-Jan, 08:00 AM - 09:00 AM Swan-Toucan 1-2
Kathy Brown BP107: Ten Lines Or Less: Interesting Things You Can Do In Java With Minimal Code Don't be afraid of Java! Many IBM Notes/Domino developers, both new and seasoned have an irrational fear of learning and using Java because it seems overwhelming. We'll help you over this stumbling block with several short, understandable, and useful examples of Java that you can learn from. All of the examples will be ten lines of code or less, making them approachable and easy to understand. And we will show you how to integrate the Java code with an XPages application so you can get started right away. Julian Robichaux will be co-presenting this session. Mon, 26-Jan, 02:15 PM - 03:15 PM Swan 7-10
Kathy Brown NERD101: Nerd Girls Spark Ideas - Meeting Challenges Spark Ideas is back for the 4th year bringing you 5 min talks that are sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking and often uplifting. In this year's "Sparks" session we are talking about choosing to challenge ourselves to succeed (or fail) at something unexpected. Often we are inspired by people or events to overcome what intimidates us or push further than what we think we can achieve. In this session we will have people sharing what or who inspired them and how that changed their lives. Join us to hear and support those sharing their stories, and maybe share yours too -you won't regret it. Join Gabriella Davis, Kathy Brown and many others for this exciting session! Tue, 27-Jan, 02:30 PM - 03:30 PM Swan 3-4
Andrew Barickman CHALK404: Tips from the Trenches - Real World Application Modernization Today's business applications often struggle to keep up with constantly changing and evolving processes. Legacy business applications often fall behind the applications we are used to using at home and in our personal lives. With the increasing speed at which web technology changes, modernizing applications is a harder problem to conquer than ever before. We'll discuss how to approach this difficult problem. He will provide best practices and tips based on real world experience. Topics covered with include: critical success factors, compelling user experiences, freeing your application data and developing with future flexibility in mind. Wed, 28-Jan, 07:15 AM - 08:15 AM Dolphin S Hemisphere I