What should I blog about when it comes to Lotus Symphony?

January 25 2009

I am soliciting feedback here. I want to start a weekly blog entry/column but need some topics. I can just start with breaking down the Lotusphere presentation into small chunks to start .. but what do you all want to hear? I can cover the development stuff easy (UNO, the coming LotusScript and Java APIs, using Symphony in Composite Applications, Symphony Plug-ins, and Lotus Expeditor stuff) but what else do people want to learn about, talk about, and in general learn about Symphony?

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  1. 1) Ian Randall says:


    With all the focus on XPages in 8.5 and the anticipated release of XPages for the Notes Client planned for 8.5.1, I would like to understand how XPages and Symphony might interact in the future.

    Also, through a Web browser interface how might Symphony be used to enhance a developers output options.

    Also will there be an place for Symphony to operate through the Web browser interface in the future (as Google apps can currently operate)and how might Symphony operate in upcoming IBM Cloud offerings.

    Also, how might Symphony be exploited in iNotes.

    How do we exploit the Export to PDF feature of Symphony to produce nicely formatted PDF Files fron Lotus Notes document, or from multiple Notes documents in a view.

    Another topic might be how to use Symphony to enhance the Report writing or the Dashboard capabilities of Lotus Notes.

    Finally, Lotus Notes has been historically weak at handling headers, footers and nicely formatted printed reports in the past. How can Symphony be used to enhance these features in the future.


  2. 2) Gilbert Short says:

    How can it import Smartsuite files accurately?

  3. 3) Mike Miller says:

    Strategies to migrate companies from MS Office macros to doing it in Symphony.

  4. 4) John Head says:

    Ian - the majority of your questions seem to revolve around Lotus Symphony working on the web. While there are some awesome projects going on like Dandelion, 2009 is still a year focused on the Symphony Rich Client and desktop integration. The web side is something I see happening in 2010. I have added XPages Integration to my list (launching Symphony and automating it from an XPage). I will cover the PDF stuff in another manner. Thanks for the input.

  5. 5) John Head says:

    Gilbert - what issues are you having? I am not having import issues with Word Pro files myself. Let's narrow down the problem and get these issues (and files if possible) to the SmartSuite team

  6. 6) John Head says:

    Mike - I will add a blog entry about this, but VBA macro run-time support is coming to Lotus Symphony at some point this year. I would wager 2.0 (end of the year) vs 1.3 (first half). It should allow macros and vba to run in Symphony but no editing support.

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