Welcome the Lotus Connections Team to the world of blogging

December 3 2007

I would like to welcome Suzanne Minassian, Joseph Russo, and David Brooks to the world of IBM Lotus blogs. Synchronous is where you will find information about Lotus Connections and the world of Enterprise Social Networking. I am really happy to welcome these folks to the PSC hosted blogging world. And check out that url ... Synch.rono.us.

P.S. Yes, that is the new theme for the IBM Blog that will be shipping in 8.0.1. Bob might have beat us to the punch, but this blog will always be the inspiration. Suzanne wanted to blog externally, but wanted a user interface that resembled Lotus Connections. The PSC blog server, which hosts Ed, Alan, Adam, Rob, and others (including this blog), is a Domino server.  Steve Castledine and I talked and he built that wonderful theme. I think people liked it so much it became the new default! Special thanks to Steve for his wonderful work on the 8.0.1 blog template, the theme, and putting up with requests from Suzanne and myself.