Week 2 of the Domino.Doc Migration Redbook & poll wrap-ups

March 9 2009

Week 2 of the IBM Redbook that focuses on the termination of Domino.Doc and their migration path is in process. Last week was all about planning and strategizing. The team organized our outline and built our multiple scenarios for how we think the Domino.Doc customers will be segmented. We met with the Quickr team to talk about our thought process and talk about the future of Quickr. We also started getting our head around the IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions and how they fit into the picture.

This week is about chapter assignments and starting the writing process. We are also having more meetings as we get into the specifics of Collaborative Document Management, Robust / Enterprise Document Management, and much more. Hard for me to talk more about stuff - but I am working on getting an official voice from IBM who can talk about all of this on-line and blogging very soon.

Thank you to everyone who answered the polls. The good news is that I did not see anything that we had not already listed in our discussions early last week. Some of the stuff is not going to be a target of Quickr going forward, but its all good information. These issues should be addressed in the redbook and by the IBM strategy going forward.

As a partner who is not an IBM employee, I am very excited and happy with the approach we are taking. I believe for the vast majority of Domino.Doc customers, we are going to provide the business process and technical know how on how to migrate to something supported. Of course, there will be some customers who can't migrate today for various reasons (level of customization, features missing in Quickr Domino, implied costs of ECM, etc). We can not solve every problem, but this team is really working to provide the best level of options for the most people.

Oh, and as a preview, get familiar with DXLMagic on OpenNTF.org :-)