Wayland Ave vs Wrigley Field

July 22 2007

Man, I must have grown up and become a yuppie. Yes, I admit it.

Yesterday, I went to see a Chicago Cubs game. It is no secret that I am a Chicago White Sox fan. I do not have anything against the Cubs players, but the management has just destroyed the team. So I root for White Sox .. a team that has won a championship in my lifetime. And my parents! :D

Wrigley Field is a national landmark, but it has turned into a place for people to go shirtless (the women wear bikinis) and get drunk and throw up on the streets after. So, when I go to a Cubs game. I prefer to go to one of the rooftop establishments. Those that have been to Wrigley Field have seen them. The buildings on Sheffield and Waveland, with throngs of folks sitting on raised bleachers. It is outside the park ... and expensive. $100+ but it is all you can eat and drink. I try to do at least one game a year this way ... and a couple games at U.S. Cellular field to see the White Sox.

Yes, the White Sox are falling apart this year. But the Cubs lost yesterday ... as usual. As I say ... root for whatever team is playing the Cubs! :-)