Lotus Knows Campaign - Blogger Briefing

August 17 2009

Kristen Lauria - VP of Marketing, IBM Lotus and Ed Brill hosted a call for the Lotus bloggers to brief us in the upcoming "Lotus Knows" marketing campaign and jam. Here are my notes:


  • Campaign - 24 month marketing campaign targeting the influential end-user audience to broaden and deepen enthusiasm for Lotus collaboration technology.
  • Inside out approach - tapping into the energy in the Lotus community to generate real content and excitement at campaign launch. Use the "Lotus Loyal" and partners to spread the message to installed end-users and then end-user prospects.
  • Experience matters - awareness elements will reach target audience where they spend their time and drive them to a web site where they can use the technology and share thoughts
  • Extend reach - 360 degree campaign leading with air cover to build preference from end-users
  • Global campaign - creative media beginning in NA, social media extending worldwide, potential media expansion into select markets

"This is the new platform - not a 3rd or 4th quarter one-off, into 2010 and beyond"

"We want end-users to know Lotus"

Audience - pace setters inside organizations. People inside organizations who have influence over IT decisions.
  • Forward Thinkers,
  • Role Models within the organization.
  • Investigate technology as a means to get better results.
  • Propose ideas to management and to IT

Current users and non-users who have misconceptions about the extended capabilities in Lotus software

  • People to rethink Lotus and get excited about what they can do with Lotus
  • Round out our influencer reach (IT+LOB+end-users) while making real for the individual the IBM vision for working smarter
  • many end users think Lotus is simply email and calendaring

Prove they couldn't be more wrong (about what Lotus is)

Lotus Knows Concept

"If there is something going on related to your job, chances are, Lotus Knows"

Lotus Knows Campaign Creative Concepts

Utilize a mix of print, online, and outdoor advertising to drive awareness - out of home impact while traveling or community. Contextual advertising and sponsorships.
web landing environment to embrace social community and drive engagement

real people + real enthusiasm + real content

The inside-out approach allows the Lotus community to share their knowledge & experience, engages key word-of-mouth influencers in screening content and gives end-users a reason to care about the product

repeated mix for maximum impressions

Accelerating reach with an "inside-out" approach
  • tapping into the energy in the Lotus community
  • inspire advocacy
  • generate real content and excitement

Web landing environment - lotusknows.com

- bold and unique style away from the typical IBM and Lotus web look and feel
- lots of videos

Lotus Knows Jam


Starting this Wednesday, 8/19 - 8 AM EST thru 8/21 8 AM EST
  • 72 hour jam
  • using IdeaJam
  • Ignite Lotus community to help build relevancy and advocacy for Lotus Software among end-users
  • Encourage Lotus loyals to take action - submit videos and demos that resonate with end-users (post jam)
  • IBMers, Partners, selected customers, bloggers
  • 2 week pre-launch marketing activity to 'build buzz"

Take the concepts and brainstorm on the focused messages

  • Lotus knows working smarter depends on great technology
  • Lotus knows marketing is key to technology adoption
  • Lotus knows technology is only great with client success
  • Lotus knows the world is getting smaller, flatter, and smarter


Television Advertising?
  • Not first quarter so that it doesn't conflict with Smarter Planet ads. It's not off the table, but target audience is as active on-line and media out-of-home. TV is spotty and expensive

Target Age Range?
  • 25 to 54. Generally non-IT professional. Responds positively to technology and is active to internet usage. Detailed questions about the audience and how decision process was made

Partners using the messaging themselves?
  • Campaign Designer kits coming for partners to extend messages


My comments coming in another blog entry

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