Update on the OpenNTF.org IP Working Group

June 22 2009

An update for all that is going on in the IP Working Group for OpenNTF.org.

First, last Thursday, the Steering Committee passed four resolutions. Two of them were correcting language on the site that was incorrect. We also appointed Peter Tanner, IBM, as the IP Manager for OpenNTF.org. Last, we passed some language that protects OpenNTF.org when external urls (such as Twitter or YouTube) and assets are used within components.

We also had our first IP WG conference call.

If you listen to the slidecast there on Slideshare, you will get the audio of the call as well. I have not done the slide timing yet - will try to get to that one evening this week. I think it was a great call, but I would like to get feedback on that. The copyright education process started and we covered quite a few topics. Yes, I know, people want to talk about licensing - and we will do that in July.

I have placed all of the proposed resolutions in the IP WG forum. Please provide feedback on them. I will be proposing this batch of resolutions at the 7.2.2009 Steering Committee meetings - so you have until 7.1.2009 to get your feedback in.

I am also going to have our legal council take a look at the Apache Foundation setup and see how they do membership and copyright/IP waivers. I will bring that back to the community for discussion once I get some legal input.

Next Steps for Peter and myself:
  • Schedule Conference Call on Licensing
  • Expand WG once Steering Committee approves WG rules
  • Start the Not for Profit Process
  • Create FAQ's for
               - Company Alliance Membership
               - Individual Alliance Membership
               - Employee Copyright Waivers
               - Committer Sign-Up Process
               - Contributor Sign-Up Process

I hope everyone sees that we are making process - I understand people got frustrated by the announcement. My goal is to get things moving forward, provide plenty of opportunity for input by the OpenNTF.org community, and try to grow OpenNTF.org 2.0 for all of the audiences that want to use it.

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