Update on OpenNTF.org Technical Issues

June 29 2009

Here is the update I just made in the IP WG Forum:

1. fix login issues with Safari (this might be a webkit issue so it could effect Chrome as well)

A fix was implemented to allow Webkit login (tested with both Safari 4 and the latest Chrome). Redirect from any page other than the homepage is not implemented. We want to fix this but went for the immediate fix that prevented login.

2. fix the time out issue on the XPages forums

A fix was implemented this morning via a LPTA token setting. The time out is set for over 3 hours. Should only effect postings in process.

3. fix the CSS where stuff does not display correctly

A fix was implemented so that no text is cut off. There are still some issues with the views not filling the width of the pages. We consider that a bug and will work to fix this, but wanted to fix the bug that was stopping Firefox users from reading text in place ASAP.

Please test and confirm or report issues for each of these. I know there is a wishlist of features - those are on hold until we get some of the bigger issues 100% fixed.

Thanks for everyone's patient and the hard work of the Lotus 911 team who worked over the weekend to get this stuff done.