Time to up our game in how we demo XPages

April 29 2013

I have seen quite a few XPages demos over the past few years. At conference, in webinars, and in sales calls. As I look back and critique myself, I have some thoughts to share so that as a community, if the quality of demos goes up, the community and the opportunities will grow.

Typically, something like this is what I see in an XPages demo:

Image:Time to up our game in how we demo XPages

There is nothing 'wrong' with this, but it is out of date. It could be showcasing one of the out of the box templates or something custom (as this is), but its way to out of date. So, if you are going to show XPages to someone who has never seen it before, how about something more like this?

Image:Time to up our game in how we demo XPages

Not so small, but at least use the current version of OneUI. Focus on applications that don't look like Notes applications. Highlight something modern. Even better yet, why not showcase something like this:

Image:Time to up our game in how we demo XPages

That doesn't look like Notes. Or even XPages. It looks like a modern web application. But it is XPages:

Image:Time to up our game in how we demo XPages

You don't have to hire a designer to build a UI like this, you can purchase them. This one comes from a Twitter Bootstrap Theme website. You can spend $15 and get a great user interface that you can use with your applications.

XPages injected much needed life into the Domino development space. Let's take advantage of this by focusing on the strengths of the modern web development platform it is. Customers get excited when something looks amazing.

2 Responses to “Time to up our game in how we demo XPages”

  1. 1) Jesse Gallagher says:

    Couldn't agree more. The more we as a community shift from thinking of XPages as "a better way to do Domino development" towards thinking of it as "a great way to build web sites/apps", the better of we'll be.

  2. 2) Keith Strickland says:

    Agreed. I've found that traditional Lotus Notes/Domino developers don't start to excel at XPages development until they accept the fact that XPages are not just another design element but a modern platform with none of the hacks and limitations of a traditional Domino web site. Also, once they come to make that realization, they also start to realize that all of the barriers are lifted and really modern web sites are possible with the platform with only their imagination to hold them back.

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