There is plenty of space between a Lovefest and The Sky is Falling

August 31 2016

There is a place between "I am the Yes Man for Notes/Domino/XPages" and "Notes is Dead and I am doing something else" that many live in. I find it hard to believe that people attending MWLUG or any IBM user group didn't realize that PSC works with other technologies other than IBM. At over 100 consultants, we do many things. Mark and I both talk at events for other technologies and vendors. And we are not alone.

I am not one to believe that the sky is ever falling. I was also one to never believe that any one technologist should attach themselves to a single product for their entire career. I was talking about the intersection of Notes & Domino with Microsoft Office and almost 15 years ago at Lotusphere. Diversity is not only good for the career, it is good for the brain. I also understand the passion and emotion so  many people have attached to this community. Friendships have been formed that mean the world to so many. And yes, when people realize that many of their friendships will be mostly on-line going forward, their is angst. Just because you don't see someone once or twice a year at a user group or conference doesn't mean those friendships end. They change. Facebook and Twitter and whatever messaging/chat app you prefer keep you connected on a regular basis. These relationships only end if you let them.

I do not know what is going to happen with the Notes/Domino/XPages products any more than those reading this. Yes, as an IBM Champion, I have probably had more discussions on this than the average person. But to be fair, without breaking NDA, I can't say we have any better idea of the direction. And frankly, I am not sure that matters. IBM will do what they need to do, in their own time, through their legal lens. And the world will continue to spin. Your applications will continue to run. Our business will continue, which includes Notes, Domino, XPages, Connections - and much more. I think Microsoft really got their stuff together the past two years. Office365 is an amazing platform. Seeing them move fast and modernize and play with things like Power Apps, Groups & Planner, and Flow excites me. I spend all of my working day now in Microsoft products - Outlook, Dynamics CRM, Office, and SharePoint on-line. It's not perfect, but it works well. I only use Notes to write blog entries like this. And while I get that tinge of regret on that, life moves on. Technology moves on. And so do people.

I have had the pleasure of meeting so many of you at user groups and conferences over the past 20+ years. Friendships that I cherish. I am part of an amazing team at PSC that will continue to evangelize and deliver amazing experiences for our customers using IBM technology. We are also going to invest in other technology and continue to learn and expand what solutions we can offer to our client base. I look forward to seeing many of you at future user groups, conferences or even an event of another vendor.