The Lotus Solutions Catalog is NOT an ’app store’ nor is it ’app store’ like

June 22 2010

With all the chatter about an 'App Store' for Lotus Notes, I am really starting to get a bit testy when I hear IBMer's call the Lotus Solutions Catalog anything along the lines of 'app store like' - and here is why.

  1. It's on Greenhouse. Until it has a url of or or even its just part of a R&D website. Get it off Greenhouse - RIGHT FREAKING NOW!
  2. Until I can purchase a product with a credit card and have it install directly into my notes client (or download the .ntf directly) it is not an app store. It is a website that lists first and third party applications.
  3. Since this would be an App Store from IBM, no reason the IBM cert couldn't be used to bypass the client policy lock down of plug-ins. We all trusted the "Lotus Notes Template Development/Lotus Notes" for our Notes/Domino templates for years. Do the same for the store so end users can actually install stuff.
  4. Until it is available from within the Notes client itself, people will not find it. Google isn't enough. Having an IBM rep tell the Director of IT about the catalog does not get those apps into the hands of the end user.
  5. When I start Notes, I see an IBM logo. When I start the App Store, I need to see the IBM logo - just like I do when I click the App Store link on my iPod Touch. Nothing personal to all the other efforts that have and are taking place, but they will never be the same as an IBM run app store.

I am not against multiple app stores. I am not against IBM trying different things. But please, IBMers, don't call a horse a car. If you agree we need an app store, then please work within IBM to get us a real one.