The Lotus Community Echo Chamber and the Apple iPhone 3G

June 10 2008

So yesterday was an interesting day for all of us, was it not?

I will not repeat the details of what happened, but I read two thoughts on blogs I want to point out and discuss throughout today:

1. A comment on Ed Brill 's blog by Ed himself

I've seen five blog entries on the petition but only 21 signatures so far. Hope this isn't an echo chamber...

2. A comment on John Roling 's blog he made in his last blog post
This is the last post I'll make about Lotus Notes / iPhone.

After reading both of those, I think we need a harsh reality check and some massive self reflection on our community. And yes, I include myself in that.

I have a crazy day, so this will come out in a couple of blog posts across the day. But here are the headlines for the posts to come:

1. A hard look at the community
2. Who is the real customer?
3. A Call to Action - Lotus Notes & Domino and the Apple iPhone

Look for the first topic before lunch