The inconvenience of this election for me (this is not a political blog)

November 3 2008

So this is a purely personal complaint blog entry ... and has nothing to do with my political beliefs or how I am voting.

With the rally for Senator Obama happening at the South end of Grant Park tomorrow night (which will possibility be a victory or defeat speech .. if you really think anyone will call the election tomorrow ... hello 2000), the inconvenience to the folks who live around Grant Park has already started.

First, streets are being closed. The park section that is bounded by Lake Shore Drive, Roosevelt Rd, Columbus Drive, and Balbo is already fenced in for the official 75,000 ticketed guests. Balbo is already closed and Columbus and Congress (from Michigan to Columbus) will be closed starting today after rush hour.

My building, which is just north of Grant and Millennium Parks is also under seige. A parking ban has started that is from the River to 22nd street and the lake to 90/94 ... which I am in. My parking garage is busting at the seams and there are cops and secret service agents EVERYWHERE. I got stopped just pulling out of my building today.

The street cleaners are out and there is security all over the place. Now, I understand this is Senator Obama's hometown and he should have election night festivities here. I also understand people want to be part of event. But right now they are predicting 1 million people in the Grant Park area. We get 1 million plus for the fireworks on July 3rd during the Taste of Chicago. I think 1 million is a low number ... so I have left the city. I am going to stay out in the suburbs until Wednesday.

Those going to the rally - please be safe and don't park in my parking spot!