The day a ’server’ showed up on my desk ... #thanksbruce

October 2 2013

It was many years ago (sometime in 2002) to be exact, when a big box arrived via UPS. What was in it?

Image:The day a ’server’ showed up on my desk ... #thanksbruce

This is the original 'server' that the website lived on for many years until more hardware was added. Today, the website is many servers at host Prominic. I will always remember being one of the second tier of supporters, including Vince and many others.

Bruce is retiring his position as director today. I think his election by the community as director says far more than his election as chair by the other directors. It's time for new blood and others in the community to step up.

Bruce's commitment to and the community built around 'Lotus' is one of the strongest out there. Change is healthy, and I know Bruce is looking forward to the new journey he has undertaken. I know Bruce will do well - he knows nothing else.


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