The Chicago business community really wants the 2016 Olympics

November 4 2007

On Friday, I was one of the 1200 Chicago business community members who attended The Chicago Council on Global Affairs and The Economic Club of Chicago luncheon address of Dr. Jacques Rogge, President of the International Olympic Committee. You can read the transcript of his remarks here. Quite a few Olympians were in attendance as Chicago tries to impress on the IOC why we should host the Summer Games in 2016. While most have heard that Chicago is hosting the World Boxing Championships, most do not know that the city put it all together in 6 months! Members of the IOC were here for the WBC ... and Chicago decided to impress them. Mayor Daley spoke about the WBC and why he thinks Chicago is the ideal place for the Summer Games. As I spoke with people before and after the event, everyone was excited about the possibility of hosting the games here in Chicago. I think everyone is a bit cautious on how we pay for it ... but everyone agreed it would be a great for the city. MSNBC covered the event as well.

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