The Application Modernization discussion is taking hold - TechTarget interview

June 24 2015

Back in February, I was contacted online by a journalist after she found some of my writings on this blog and my slides on Slideshare around Application Modernization. Crystal Bedell and I had a great conversation and I proceeded to completely forget the discussion. :-)

Low and behold she published her research on June 2nd, 2015 in a great TechTarget article discussing application modernization. Crystal did a wonderful job talking to a customer, an analyst, and a service provider in myself. I won't paste the entire article into this blog entry, you can read it here. But here are some of my thoughts:

Eighty percent of legacy application modernization projects today are just migration, according to John David Head, director of enterprise collaboration, PSC Group, a technical and business consultancy largely focused on software modernization. He said PSC sees businesses that have a legacy platform that's problematic -- in costs, performance, etc. -- and they are not looking to vendor updates as solutions. For various reasons, he said, they want to go to another platform. "That's not modernization," he said.

I am really excited that this discussion is taking place in the marketplace. I am also honored to be in the same discussion as Gartner analyst Dale Vecchio and Capgemini's Ron Tolido. Special thanks to Crystal for reaching out and interviewing me for the article.

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