Thank you Bob Picciano

January 12 2010

As most of you in the Lotus community have heard, IBM made some organizational changes today that will take Bob Picciano into a worldwide sales leader role for IBM Software and promote Alistair Rennie to the role of Lotus General Manager. My initial reaction was "WOW" - just like the rest of us. But I am not worried here - I am excited. Bob has the ability to energize the people he works with. I think Alistair has the same ability. So if Bob can energize the world wide IBM Software team AND bring more attention of the Lotus brand, products, and people to a larger audience, and Alistair can continue Lotus on the path is is on, then I am look forward to 2010. We, the community, often complain that Lotus does not get the attention and respect from the general IBM folks, in marketing and sales, and if Bob can make any progress on this, we will all be better off.

Personally, I just wanted to thank Bob for being the first Lotus GM to really be a part of our community. From his interaction at Lotusphere last year to his travels to Lotus User Groups to his ability to listen and talk to us at any time, he started a new trend. Alistair has huge shoes to fill and high expectations to meet. But as my role has shifted in 2009 from delivery to sales, watching Bob was a learning experience. The qualities I want to bring to my career and daily work were greatly influenced by watching Bob. I am glad I had that opportunity in 2009 and look forward to interacting and learning from both Bob and Alistair in 2010.

And who said Lotusphere 2010 was going to be void of surprises and change :-)

2 Responses to “Thank you Bob Picciano”

  1. 1) John says:

    Man, you are comparing yourself to a Fortune 100 leader?

  2. 2) John Head says:

    Of course not. But I can learn from them and apply that knowledge in my own life. My ideas of who I am and the sandbox I play in are very grounded :-)

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