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January 30 2017

Volker posted this video and I think the exercise is brilliant. So here are my three favorite things for each company:


1. My iPhone is my single most used device, and it just works. I read email, work with my calendar, interact with social, talk with people via voice and text, and consume video and pictures more on my iPhone than any other method. And I can't remember the last time it didn't get the job done.
2. Apple created the modern app store model, which allows me to find an app to do just about anything I want. Apps like MobileDay, ShackNews Lastest Chatty, Uber, and so much more - that I use every day - are here because of Apple.  


1. Google Maps changed the game when it comes to navigation. I remember going from maps to MapQuest. Google maps changed everything. GPS and maps are now standard in pretty much anything we do. OpenTable, Yelp, Facebook, etc. Google pushed this forward.
2. Google search changed the way I operate from the ground up. Need to learn about a customer or product? 'Google' it. Just like Kleenex before, the product name has become the name of what we do. We don't search, we google.


1. The Office365 ecosystem has completely changed the way I work. And let's take the core Office apps off the table. Outlook and all it's addin's are my most used application. OneNote rules my life - and is one of the best applications I have ever used. Dynamics CRM is my work life and Groups and Teams are always open. And Skype for Biz is my main communication tool. Microsoft has created the best ecosystem for business tools I have ever used. And that is a very hard thing for me to admit.
2. The XBox Play Anywhere feature is amazing. Buying a game and being able to play it on the XBox One and a PC, and having all your game settings, saved games, and other info sync across is a dream come true. And with the Game Mode coming in the Windows 10 Creators Update later this year along with focused XBox One new hardware, the gaming experience is the best it has ever been for PC players.

and let me add one more; IBM:

1. The focus on Watson as an analytics service has brought predicative analytics and AI into the business realm like no other company. Watson has become the 'Kleenex' and 'Google' of AI thanks to the impressive marketing IBM is doing around the Watson brand and personality. The attention raised means there is a big opportunity for all of us service providers. No other company has raised the bar like IBM. Everyone else is riding on their coat tails in terms of mind share.
2. I am writing this blog entry in the Notes client, which will post to a Domino server, just like I have been doing since 2003. The fact it 'just works' is something that people often forget when talking about Notes & Domino. I am happy that one piece of technology in my workflow is 100% reliable.

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