Symphony Thursday - New Weekly Blog Entry and the Lotus Symphony 2009-10 Roadmap

January 29 2009

One of the things I decided to do at Lotusphere is put in a weekly blog that focuses on Lotus Symphony. They will cover Lotus Symphony news, technical tutorials, and other info. I will not be rehashing news you might find elsewhere, but I will include some links at the bottom of entries.

I have the following as topics for the next couple months:

  • Lotus Symphony road map
  • Lotus Symphony Tutorials - UNO via LotusScript
  • Lotus Symphony Tutorials - UNO via Java
  • Lotus Symphony Tutorials - LotusScript API via LSX
  • Lotus Symphony Tutorials - Addins (sidebar, menu, toolbar)
  • Lotus Symphony Tutorials - Composite Applications
  • Lotus Symphony Tutorials - ODF
  • Training
  • Deployment
  • Migration
  • Document Conversion
  • Available Applications
  • Migrating Office Addins to Lotus Symphony
  • Template conversion and management

I have a few other items I want to cover as well. Of course, if you have some ideas or suggestions, please leave a comment here.

To kick this off, I want to go back and cover the Lotus Symphony roadmap for 2009 and 2010 again.

Image:Symphony Thursday - New Weekly Blog Entry and the Lotus Symphony 2009-10 Roadmap

I am really excited about the Lotus Symphony 1.3 release coming the middle of this year. We will get the first pass of Microsoft Office 2007 Support, the new DataPilot Tables / Pivot Tables work, and the first release of the LotusScript API LSX. These release will be a refinement of the current 1.X release and I believe will be a release customers will deploy.

Lotus Symphony 2.0 is the release many of you are waiting for. This is the release where Lotus Symphony will move from the 1.1.6 source to the current 3.X source code. While this is not official, I have it on good authority that IBM not only wants to move to the current code base and contribute back, but they are structuring this move so that they can consume and contribute to the core code base on a regular basis. Lotus Symphony won't be forked again. This is a true move by IBM to make Lotus Symphony an active and current part of the community. It will be interesting to see if the community uses these contributions in the core product.

Next week, Automating Lotus Symphony Documents via UNO - "Hello World"

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