Symphony Thursday - I am speaking about Lotus Symphony at UKLUG!

May 28 2009

I got the official word that my presentation on Lotus Symphony has been approved for UKLUG.

Lotus Symphony and You - How to stop giving Microsoft your money!
For years, you have given Microsoft money for Office Licenses. Would you be interested if we could show you how you could save the money and still produce great documents, spreadsheets and presentations? This session is for you. The first half of the session will be a real-world comparison of Lotus Symphony to Microsoft Office and We will help you decide what type of workers and situations should use which product. We will transition the session to cover the Application Development story. What can you do to integrate Lotus Symphony with your applications? We will cover Composite Applications, Plug-ins, and Automation - UNO, LotusScript, and Java. Last we will preview Lotus Symphony 2.0. Come to this session with an open mind!

Not just a session on development - we actually cover some strategy and positioning up-front. We then go into the development pieces. I love this presentation. I gave it first last year at ILUG and this will be a much enhanced version - quite a bit has changed in a year! See you in Edinburgh, Scottland on October 8th and 9th, 2009.