Lotus Symphony 1.1 is out

August 29 2008

Image:Lotus Symphony 1.1 is out

Lotus Symphony 1.1 can be downloaded now. Here is the new feature list:

What's New in Symphony 1.1

Performance enhancements:

  • Reduced memory footprint
Functionality enhancements:
  • Enabled Expeditor Client Management support and added Enterprise Management Agent setting in preferences page.
  • Added Mail Merge feature to Documents by which user can send out batches of letters that merge fields from a data source.
  • Improved macro enablement in the following aspects:
  • Enabled macro security policy in preferences page.
  • Removed "Author list", "New author" and "New path" options from Macro Security preferences page.
  • Added "Safe Mode" option in Macro Security preferences page.
  • Macro run time supports the "safe mode" running mode.
  • Enabled macro to be triggered by UI events.
User interface enhancements:
  • Created new file type icons
Interoperability enhancements with Lotus Notes:
  • Defect fixes for copy/paste operation on picture with hyperlink, paragraph alignment, text font size and encoding.
Usability enhancements in Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations:
  • The latest sidebar state is retained when user opens or creates a file
Usability enhancements in Presentations:
  • Supports copying/pasting object/page with their applied animations.
Usability enhancements in Documents:
  • Fixed the conflict between Heading 1/2 and 1. Heading1/2 in Table of Contents and they can be included in Table of Contents at the same time.
  • Revision enhancement.
  • Supports Windows MSI Installer multi-user installation and users can create their own workspace.
  • Improved Developers' guide by refining both the content and format, adding toolkit introduction in part 1 chapter 4, adding two chapters to introduce the newly added sample plug-ins presentation and C2A, and changing all example code from image into text.
  • Added two sample plug-ins presentation and C2A.
  • Added a feature and an update site for those sample plug-ins.
  • Defect fixes and code refactoring of sample plug-ins
  • Refined the API Java DOC
On-line Help Enhancements:
  • Enhanced help content for Documents.
  • Re-organized table of contents for Documents in on-line help system.

Lots of bugs fixed as well.

Performance has seen a major increase, as much as 8.0.2 has on my machine. I prefer to run Symphony as a stand-alone app, not within Notes, for no other reason for personal preference. Do not listen to all the negativity out there, the performance increase is very noticeable. Great progress for a .1 point release. Now we just need a scripting language in the product ... which I expect sooner than later :-)

Oh, and for those asking about the mac version, it is coming. Expect it around the same time as the Notes 8.5 mac client.