Supporting Athletics at U of I Champaign

August 2 2006


Last night I had the honor to attend an event thrown for the top donors to the University of Illinois at Champaign Athletic Foundation. It was at a house in Winnetka (and I say house liberally ... it was a large house on the lake with an amazing back yard and pool) and over 100 people were there. The big names of U of I sports were there ... Ron Guenther, Ron Zook, and Bruce Weber. They also brought many current and past student athletes. It was a great event to listen to people talk with pride about the Fighting Illini.

I am very proud of Sarah, who is the reason I got to attend. Since graduating law school, she has been active in supporting the law school and the Athletics program. She was the first person to join the law school's Cribbet Society as a student This let her become part of the school's President Council. She has also supported the athletic program and has reserved seats in the new football stadium. I am just lucky to be able to join her and attend the games. I never felt part of the school when I was doing everything off-site, but I definitely support the Orange and Blue now.

Sarah, I am very proud of your desire to support the school ... thanks for letting me support you and tag along.

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