So I get a new desktop computer and the winner is Notes - and the games too :)

April 22 2010

So it was time to get a new desktop. My old one was 5 years old and was having power issues. Plus, with Starcraft 2, Rage, and a few other games coming out, it was time :-)

So here is what I got:

Dell Dimension XPS 9000

  • i7 9.2 @ 2.67 Ghz
  • 9 Gigs Ram
  • 128 Gig SSD Boot Drive
  • 1 TB 7200 Data Drive
  • BluRay Drive
  • DVRW Drive
  • Dual ATI Radeon HD 5870 (cough)
  • 28" Widescreen TouchScreen Monitor

I also have Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit on this. A gaming machine for sure, but I will use it work when at home. TweetDeck screams on this as does Chrome. But Notes is the real winner. Why?

I installed Notes 8.5.2 CD4 Standard Client. No plug-ins besides anything in the core installer. I set the Notes program directory on the SSD and the data folder on the regular drive. Sametime and Activities are turned on. I set Notes to use Workspace as the home page. I then reboot and launch Notes. With Sametime auto-launching into 3 communities (PSC, Bleedyellow, LotusLive). Times:

Cold boot: 15 seconds
Warm boot: 10 seconds

Now, I disabled Sametime and I get this:

Cold boot: 7 seconds
Warm boot: 3 seconds.

Yes folks, I can start Notes from icon click on the taskbar to being able to touch click a chicklet on the Workspace in 3 seconds after launching Notes the first time. Notes is the clear winner. Seems Sametime embedded in the client might be the loser here. I am going to play with the stand-alone Sametime client shortly and will post updated results.

Now, I don't have any anti-virus software installed yet. I don't have any other plug-ins installed yet. Symphony isn't being loaded. But holy crap wow! Just proves that hardware makes a major difference. For me, the SSD is what seems to make the big difference. I am sure the full 9 gig ram availability doesn't hurt, but the fact the and Lotus Expeditor load lots of files (ask Nathan for the details, but its like some odd 24,000 zip files that have to be loaded into memory).

And using a touch screen to navigate around your computer usage is very strange. Especially with the Workspace. Not sure how much I like it.

3 Responses to “So I get a new desktop computer and the winner is Notes - and the games too :)”

  1. 1) Roy Rumaner says:

    What did that setup cost you and where did you order it from?

  2. 2) Tommy Valand says:


    While I don't see myself spending that amount of cash on my gaming computer (it handles Battlefield: BC2 very well), I've managed to convince my boss that I need a new computer at work.

    I asked for a computer with an i7 CPU, but even if I end up with an i5, it's going to be a lot smoother sailing than the current computer (1.76 GHz Core 2 Duo). SSD as the system disk..

    Geek programmer heaven :)

  3. 3) Oliver Regelmann says:

    Same here after moving to a Thinkpad with SSD.

    I'd suggest trying out what happens when you also move the data folder onto the SSD.

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