Simply put - IamLUG rocked

August 5 2009

I am not sure what else I can say besides IamLUG rocked. A few thoughts to expand on that:

As an attendee ... IamLUG was a great user group conference. Great food, great people, well organized, and just what many of us needed. I made the observation today that after lots of drama in our community the past couple weeks, we need an event like IamLUG to bring us together - almost in a healing manner. With written communication - be it a blog, IM, or email - so much is up for interpretation. In person, we are all friends and have fun together. No bad blood, very little cliques - just a dysfunctional family that needs the family reunion (and booze) to move on and start fresh. I guess the fact that rounds of drinks cost 40 bucks - yeah, that helped! :-) There were also some amazing sessions this week. I so rarely get to see more than a couple sessions at Lotusphere - I missed only one time slot. Great content from everyone! I know you have all heard about the Lotus Knows marketing event launch - but Kevin's entire presentation was completely different than any presentation we have seen from IBM for the past couple years. Kevin addressed the Lotus portfolio in slide form by only using analyst quotes - and it killer. If you did not attend - download the slides folks.

As a speaker ... I love speaking and I had a great audience. With three hours of content at my hands and 50ish minutes to speak - I really cut down my slides for IamLUG. I really cut out the words and got down to demos - and was able to showcase a whole new level of integration work that is happening at PSC with C# and VS.NET. The reaction was awesome and inspiring.

As a sponsor ... this was the first time that PSC was a top level sponsor for an event like this. It was awesome to be one of the 8 companies supporting this event. Seeing the PSC logo on the bag - totally cool! My only criticism of the event would be the location and layout of the sponsor room - but that is a small detail on an overall amazing event. Even more important - I have three valid potential customers that I am talking with already with two more that I will talk to more next week. 5 leads from a conference of around 150 people - I have had Lotusphere's where I did not get 5 leads that turned into work. IamLUG brought out more customers and more new people than any other event in the US in memory. This is the most important success factor in my eyes - and Chris knocked it out of the park.

I have always respected and considered Chris Miller and Francie Whitlock friends - but after this week, they should be revered and treasured. A super thank you to both of you and the rest of the amazing staff. IamLUG brought excitement and energy to the US that the Lotus community needed. I can not wait for IamLUG 2010!

Also, special thanks to Eileen and the GSX folks for GSX Day. I learned quite a bit and the presentations from Paul Mooney, Paul Steele, Chris Miller, and Mary Beth Raven were all great.