Self Assessment and Strategy Guide for Migrating from Domino Document Manager Redbook has Shipped!

September 28 2009

Months of work by many fine people have finally come to completion. The ILDDM Migration Redbook is complete! Here is the full announcement:

Image:Self Assessment and Strategy Guide for Migrating from Domino Document Manager Redbook has Shipped!

Form Number:  SG24-7747-00

Title: Self Assessment and Strategy Guide for Migrating from Domino Document Manager

Can now be downloaded as a PDF file and ordered in hardcopy two weeks following the Publish Date!    (see for online access)

This IBM®  Redbooks® publication is intended to help your organization plan and prepare for a migration away from Lotus®  Domino®  Document Manager (formerly known as Domino.Doc). This IBM Redbook focuses primarily on analyzing, planning, and preparing with only a small portion devoted to the actual process of migrating to another solution.  While there is no exact equivalent to Domino Document Manager (DDM), we discuss IBM Lotus Quickr™ in detail and illustrate how your organization can achieve many of the same functional goals using Lotus Quickr services for Domino. We introduce the tool for migrating, namely the Lotus Quickr Migrator: Domino Document Manager Edition, and discuss how you can use this for migrating content.

Moving beyond Domino Document Manager requires some new thinking about your organizations’ document management and content management needs. In many cases, Lotus Quickr may offer a collaborative solution which can provide significant benefit to how your organization creates, shares and stores content. In other cases, this may present an opportunity for you to re-evaluate if you need a larger scale, more robust enterprise Content Management solution.

This IBM Redbooks Publication is intended to help you in making a well informed decision about the best way forward. We help you to better understand and analyze your current Domino Document Manager environment and then guide you in determining the best options for moving forward. With proper planning and analysis up front, this book will help you recognize
and overcome the potential obstacles and challenges, and to help you explore the opportunities opened up by alternate content management solutions.

Publish Date:   September 22, 2009     ISBN Number:   0738433349

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Authors: John Bergland, Cali Clarke, Femke Goedhart, John Head, Jelan Heidelberg, Wojciech Kowalski, Daniel Lieber, Matthew Mangels, Steve Peters, Cynthia Schiegoleit, Stephan Wissel

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