Road to the Final Four - Go Illini!

March 12 2007


The University of Illinois - Champaign/Urbana Fighting Illini made the NCAA Basketball Tournament as a 12 seed in the West bracket! They will play Virginia Tech (#5) in Columbus Ohio this Friday. Most people I talk to think the Illini will have the advantage .. the Illini fans travel very well .. and Columbus is not that far.

Beyond that, the Illini would meet Southern Illinois in Round 2 (yes, I think Holy Cross is getting stomped). That should be a great game with lots of bragging rights attached.

This is also a time of the "Brackets." Yahoo and have some great pages for setting up brackets with friends. Thursday and Friday might break the record for internet usage in the US with the on-line web video of the games.

March Madness .. its a great time of the year.

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