Result’s of the PSC IBM Notes/Domino Community Survey

October 6 2014

The results are in. You can access them at this page:

The results are interesting and can be interpreted in many ways. I will save some personal thoughts on it until people can consume the information,

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

2 Responses to “Result’s of the PSC IBM Notes/Domino Community Survey”

  1. 1) Patrick Kwinten says:

    14% moving to another platform = interesting to know what platforms since this is a substantial portion of the market.

    Personally I do not understand why 56% want to be a lemming and move over to Sharepoint/365 after the many real-world scenarios that have been shared. Must be autumn in the heads of the CIO's.

  2. 2) Craig Wiseman says:

    Why lemming off with Sharepoint? Because there's really nowhere else to go.

    Most upper level folks making the decision have some experience with Sharepoint and remember Microsoft's positioning it as "the obvious replacement" for Notes.

    Their criteria are:

    + Something they know has succeeded in the past;

    + Something NOT from IBM (because IBM has clearly shown they give up on rich, healthy products and decision makers WILL NOT be burned again);

    + Something they can easily find contractors for in case of staff loss, and;

    + Something from a big, comforting vendor.

    Sharepoint is "that guy".

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