PSC sessions at IBM Connect 2016

December 3 2015

Besides the two sessions I talked about yesterday, PSC Group will be well represented at IBM Connect 2016.

First, we have Kathy Brown, speaking with bacon lover Julian Robichaux:

1387: Outside The Box: Integrating with Non-Domino Apps using XPages and Java

Users don’t care where their data lives. They just want to get their work done quickly and efficiently. They would prefer to do their work without opening three different applications and five different browser tabs. That means your applications need to share data and work well with other applications. So what can you do? Use XPages and Java, of course! Kathy and Julian will give you integration tips and examples of connecting your XPages apps to both IBM and non-IBM technologies. Walk away with a head full of knowledge and a sample database full of working code. NOTE: this session is geared towards XPages and Java developers, beginners welcome!

Second, we have Brad Balassaitis speaking with Paul Calhoun:

1207: The Grid, the Brad, and The Ugly: Using Grids to Improve Your Applications

Do you want better features, better performance, and a better UI in your XPages applications? Then display your data in grids instead of built-in controls. In this session, Paul and Brad will demonstrate why grids are a significant improvement in general and cover why one size does not fit all. They will review the features of commonly-used JavaScript grid frameworks (including Dojo, jQuery, Kendo UI, and Sencha) in order to help you determine which is the best fit for your applications.

Hope to see everyone in one of the four sessions PSC Group is giving at IBM Connect 2016 - and keep your eyes open for more announcements from us!

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