PSC project highlighted in a new Microsoft Case Study that features OOXML

November 11 2009

A new Microsoft Case Study has been published that talks about Research Director, Inc., one of our customers. The case study features a solution that uses Microsoft Open Office XML (OOXML) to drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to produce hundreds of PowerPoint presentations. Here is a snippet of the case study:

RDI develops slide templates that can be quickly customized with customer logos, colors, and themes, and then merged with the data in Open XML to create the Office PowerPoint 2007 presentation on a server. The system then notifies the user that the presentation is available for review. Using the new system, RDI can significantly reduce the time it takes to produce a data presentation. “We were able to improve the application performance so drastically by not having to automate PowerPoint, because it’s not involved until the user actually opens the file,” says John Head, Director of Enterprise Collaboration at PSC Group, LLC. “We couldn’t have done that without Open XML. We couldn’t support document generation on the server with binary formats. It was too hard and it didn’t always work. Open XML changed that.”

You can read the entire Case Study here.

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