PSC Press Release of the IBM Champion Award - Comprehensive Coverage

August 18 2011

Last week, PSC Group issued a Press Release on the 2011 IBM Champion selection that I was honored to receive in June. PSC hired Christine Pietryla, of Pietryla Enterprises, to manage the PR process for us.

The press release:

August 08, 2011 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time
PSC Director Named 2011 IBM Champion

John Head Recognized as Exceptional Contributor

SCHAUMBURG, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--PSC Group LLC, is pleased to announce John Head, Director of Enterprise Collaboration, has been selected a 2011 IBM Champion. The IBM Champion program recognizes innovative thought leaders in the world technical community who influence and mentor others to help them make best use of IBM solutions and services. Head is one of 50 honorees worldwide this year.

Peter O’Kelly, Principal Analyst with O’Kelly Associates, and previously Vice President and founding Research Director of Burton Group’s (now Gartner) Collaboration and Content Strategies underscores the significance of this honor, “This is an impressive honor in our industry, to be recognized by IBM in this manner. As someone who has been involved in the enterprise collaboration domain for more than twenty years, including ten years working in product and strategy roles at Lotus Development Corp. and IBM, I can attest to the pivotal role of the fundamental contributions people such as John Head make to the software business, and this award highlights the best of what our industry can do. Software vendors build products, but it’s ultimately individuals like John Head, mastering the products and expertly applying them in real-world solutions, who deliver peak customer value.”

At PSC, Head is responsible for developing new customer relationships, cultivating and improving current solutions and maintaining brand awareness with business partners like IBM and Microsoft, and has also been the architect and team leader for many of the solution frameworks, ready-to-use business templates for applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Workflow, Project Management, and Help Desk. Head began evangelizing Lotus technologies in 1993 with Lotus Ami Pro on the CompuServe forums. Since then, he has become a recognized community expert in integrating IBM Lotus Notes and Domino with Lotus SmartSuite, Microsoft Office, IBM Symphony,,, and other desktop applications.

“At PSC, we lead the industry in providing the latest in information technology. This leadership benefits not only to further the industry but also our partnerships with clients. I am honored to be named an IBM Champion but, moreover, am glad it will bring greater visibility to our team’s achievements in development. We have all worked very hard to maintain award-winning standards,” said Head.

Today, Head is spearheading PSC’s Application Modernization effort to help companies update and bring new social and mobile functionality to their existing applications. The IBM Champion recognition is in part to his leadership and evangelizing IBM XPages technology to update existing Lotus Notes and Domino applications. Head continues to specialize in the strategy and architecture of document and content management software solutions.

Head served as the technical editor for the “Lotus Symphony for Dummies” book in 2008. In 2009, he was asked to be one of the authors for the IBM Redbook "Self-Assessment and Strategy Guide for Migrating from Domino Document Manager." Head has supported the Lotus community outside of PSC through his involvement in, the open source community for Lotus technologies, as a member of the Steering Committee and Intellectual Property Working Group Chairman. He also is a frequent speaker on Lotus, Microsoft, and social media technologies. He has spoken at Lotusphere, Lotusphere Europe, The View Developer, Microsoft Document Interoperability Initiative Events, Irish Lotus User Group (ILUG), United Kingdom Lotus User Group (UKLUG), Belux (Belgium) Lotus User Group (BLUG), IamLUG in St. Louis, Midwest Lotus User Group (MWLUG), TriState NY/NJ/CN Lotus User Group (TriStateLUG) and various conferences and user groups across the world.

About PSC Group

PSC Group, LLC is a business consulting firm that has been delivering high value solutions focused on significant cost reductions and risk mitigation to our clients since 1990. With offices in Chicago and Kansas City, PSC has a history with our clientele that is based on mutual respect, integrity and honesty. PSC was built as an alternative resource for organizations that believe they deserve greater attention than what they would typically receive from the very large global firms. We focus on solutions that help our clients achieve their strategic business objectives. Our process begins in the way we listen, and ends with our clients experiencing a greater return on their investment. In short, we believe there are many companies that can show you the 'what' of business. At PSC we go further. We work to show you the 'how' and the 'why'.


Pietryla Enterprises/Public Relations
Christine Pietryla, 312.612.0283

I was very excited that we got Peter to provide a quote for the release. Peter and I have never met, but we have been chatting quite a bit about Document Generation, OOXML, and ODF these days. More on that to come. Thanks Peter.

The Press Release got quite a bit of hits. Here are some of the best postings:

The Chicago Tribune:
Image:PSC Press Release of the IBM Champion Award - Comprehensive Coverage
Daily Herald:

Image:PSC Press Release of the IBM Champion Award - Comprehensive Coverage

USA Today:

Image:PSC Press Release of the IBM Champion Award - Comprehensive Coverage
Image:PSC Press Release of the IBM Champion Award - Comprehensive Coverage

Image:PSC Press Release of the IBM Champion Award - Comprehensive Coverage
Final Thoughts:

Over 100 sites picked up the press release. Much of that is auto posts that come off the wire, but many were edited or rewritten. That means someone cared enough about the story to put the press release in their own words. That is a big win. I realize that this press release was about me, but I think the attention it got is a good sign for the entire IBM Champion program. It means people care about the recognition of IBM highlighting the community leaders and experts that work with their technology. I hope IBM sees this as an opportunity to do more press and bring more attention to the IBM Champion program and the champions themselves.

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