PSC is a Notes 8 Design Partner

January 17 2007

As Mary Beth Raven revealed, PSC has been participating in the Notes 8 Design Partner program. What this means is that we have been working closing with IBM on all things Notes & Domino 8, including focused testing of the product and suggestions, discussion, and sometimes harsh words on ideas and direction for the product. Yes, even for the "IBM Yes-man" as a couple call me, my particapation in this process has not been about rubber stamping the ideas the team has come up with. I can tell you there have been many a discussion about why I thought IBM was making a mistake. But that is for chatter after the product comes out.

You see, this blog/site is for my personal use. Yes, I reference work stuff here. And a lot of info about my job relating to IBM. I am not always 100% behind everything IBM does, and a couple of posts will show that. This site is not the only place to deliver that message to IBM. I have many ways of communicating with IBM ... email, IM, Partner conference calls, discussion rooms in Notes and on the web, and the Design Partner forum. I personally choose to not put many of the complaints here. Why? Because I believe that is not professional. Some of my visitors are paying customers. They do not need to read me venting on the technology I am selling them.

There are some out there that think being a blogger means they are the same thing as a journalist. Reports and Journalists have editors. They have to do background checks. Much of their writing is vetted. Most bloggers do not have these levels of content control (but I do realize many reports blog as well as write). Just because I do not post something negative does not mean I am not critical of things I disagree with. Ask the Notes 8 team and they will confirm that I can be hard on things that I think are wrong. That being said, please read my site with the caveat is that it is not my only means of communication with you, the reader, and the people I interact with. It is not the complete conversation. Just the pieces that I have decided to write about. If that hurts my credibility with you, than I am sorry. I'm not willing to resort to soft-core porn to attract readers, and I don't make the practice of censoring dissent in my comments. The only comments I block and/or delete are spam and anonymous. Personally, I can not stand some of the holier-then-though attitude of the blogging community. Like they are the savior of information and communication. Sad to see it has entered our community as well.

Anyway, Notes 8 is going to be a huge release. A complete refresh of the client, built on top of Eclipse, with the Domino 8 server, Sametime 7.5 integration, and the new Composite Application and Activity Server is really going to give us a lot of tools. I look forward to working with IBM to help make this release the best ever ... and to remind them that having Nathan and I tag team them is good for everyone in the end :)

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  1. 1) Ben Poole says:

    Thanks for clarifying things John, but have you considered that like you, others don't feel the need to “say everything” on *their* sites either?

    Surely dismissing sites on the the basis that they “peddle porn” or censor comments (and come on, neither of these are the raison d’etre for the site we’re referring-to) is being holier-than-thou? Isn’t that somewhat ironic?

    Personally, I say good for you in setting out your stall—but don’t condemn others for wanting to do things *their* way, otherwise you’re making the same “mistake”—especially when you’ve been known to call for censorship in a public forum yourself.

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