PSC Group at MWLUG 2015

July 28 2015

PSC is excited to be a Gold Sponsor at MWLUG 2015 in Atlanta August 19th throught 21st. MWLUG is the only user group in North America for 2015 - and the session list and speakers are out of this world. PSC is excited to be delivering 5 sessions. Come see us speak and say hi!


IBM Bluemix: Expand Your Horizons
As a developer, you always need to add new tools to your developer tool belt.  Bluemix gives you many options to take what you already know and build upon it, allowing you to continuously reinvent yourself and your apps. Whether you are an XPages developer looking to leverage new technologies like Watson or Docker, or you want to start exploring new languages and frameworks like the MEAN stack, Bluemix has something to offer you.  Using the powerful deployment models and integration services in Bluemix, it is also easy to build solutions that combine the new with the old making it easy to build upon the work you have already done.  Expand your horizons, improve yourself and join us for a whirlwind tour of what Bluemix has to offer you!

Thursday, August 20th 2015 : Cabinet/Caucus Room : 3:30 PM

Ryan Baxter
Developer Advocate

Marky Roden
Senior Solutions Architect
PSC Group

WebSockets - "Pushing" the web forward
Since it's inception XHR has been an asynchronous process of browsers requesting data from servers and waiting for a response. The constant polling to ask "Has something changed?", "No". "Has something changed?", "No" is such a waste! WebSockets changes the paradigm and allows the server to "push" information to the browser, as an when it needs to. This reduces network traffic, allows multiple users to get notified at the same time, speeds up applications, makes developers happy and makes users happy. In this presentation Mark will introduce the concepts of WebSockets as a modern web technology, demonstrate how it works and provide numerous examples. Come and see how WebSockets will change your perception on how applications will work in the future.

Friday, August 21st 2015 : Committee Room : 9 AM

Mark Roden
Senior Solutions Architect

The Cloud and You - the 'as a service' disruption you can't ignore
In any discussion about cloud, there are lots of buzzwords being thrown out by analysts and vendors. "Digital Transformation", "Democratization of IT", "Citizen Developer", and many more. Add in the 'as a Service" explosion and it is hard to make heads and tails over what will add value to your business. This session will cut through the hype and help bring a reality check to how the Cloud can help you. This session is for everyone: Administrator, Developer, IT Executive, or Business User. Plan on leaving with a deeper understanding and ideas of where you can take advantage.

Friday, August 21st 2015 : Cabinet/Caucus Room : 9 AM

John Head
PSC Group, LLC

Take Your XPages Development To the Next Level
Are you ready to take your XPages development to the next level? If you know the basics, then you're ready to dig deeper and find great features that are built into XPages, but aren't as well known. Join Paul and Brad to learn about at a wide range of techniques that can help you improve application performance, take control of the HTML output, enhance your use of event handlers, and much more.

Friday, August 21st 2015 : Cabinet/Caucus Room : 11:30 AM

Brad Balassaitis
Sr. Consultant
PSC Group

Paul Calhoun
NetNotes Solutions Unlimited

Ten Lines Or Less: Interesting Things You Can Do In Java With Minimal Code
Don’t be afraid of Java! Many IBM Notes/Domino developers, both new and seasoned have an irrational fear of learning and using Java because it seems overwhelming. We’ll help you over this stumbling block with several short, understandable, and useful examples of Java that you can learn from. All of the examples will be ten lines of code or less, making them approachable and easy to understand. And we will show you how to integrate the Java code with an XPages application so you can get started right away.

Friday, August 21st 2015 : Cabinet/Caucus Room : 3 PM

Kathy Brown
Senior Consultant

Julian Robichaux
Senior Software Developer