PSC Commissions Business Technology Resources Survey

May 12 2010

As the US and global economy comes out of what we can all call a slow 2009, companies are making technology investments in 2010. At PSC Group, LLC , we decided to do a survey of customers, prospects, and local technology leaders. We wanted to get a better understanding of what decisions do technology executives think they will make this year and how. To do this, we partnered with Pete Wiltjer Marketing Group to survey a group of people and produce a report.

PSC has decided to share this report externally and will post it online the first week of June. In the meantime, I am going to blog some of the results. Over the next couple weeks, I will blog about the following topics:

  1. Technology Paint Points
  2. Top 2010 Priorities
  3. Top Information Sources
  4. Trusted Sources
  5. Top Applications Used to Research Technology Purchases
  6. Research Influence on Decision Making

This report is a bit specific to the types of customers that PSC does (or wants to do) business with, but I think it will be a great read for anyone wondering about questions like these. Special thanks to everyone who responded in the survey.

The first post covering the Technology Pain Points will be posted Monday.