PSC Business Technology Resources Survey Part 4: Trusted Sources

May 27 2010

As I mentioned before, PSC commissioned Pete Wiltjer Marketing Group to do a Technology Resources Survey. The forth question we asked technology executives was "What are your most trusted information sources" Here are the results:

Image:PSC Business Technology Resources Survey Part 4: Trusted Sources

It should surprise no one that face-to-face or referrals was the top vote getter. The result I find most interesting is that Magazines ranked fourth out of nine, ahead of trade shows, vendor sales representatives, and the vendor website. Personally, I do not read any technology magazines any more. I read the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and Business Week regularly (daily/weekly) on my Kindle, but besides that its a rare PC Gamer or culinary magazine. Blog and technology news websites have replaced the magazine resource for me.

What are your trusted sources? Do you still rely on magazines and newsletters? Have you moved your research to websites as I have?

Part 5 will cover the top applications used in research and is coming soon.