PSC Business Technology Resources Survey Part 3: Top Information Sources

May 24 2010

As I mentioned before, PSC commissioned Pete Wiltjer Marketing Group to do a Technology Resources Survey. The third question we asked technology executives was "What are your top 5 information sources? " Here are the results:

Image:PSC Business Technology Resources Survey Part 3: Top Information Sources

Some further thoughts on the results:

1. 92% of respondents rated Internet search as one of their Top 3 information sources.
2. 69% rated Face-to-face referral or referral from personal network as one of their Top 3 sources of information.

The one item here that really speaks to me is newsletters being the lowest ranked of all information sources in the survey. With so many people trying to move content to a newsletter, this should be a warning for them. I get it, newsletters allow for focus. But let's cut to the chase, newsletters are also about selling advertising space. Content is better served on a blog or website where it can be consumed free of charge and without distracting ads. If the content is good, the business will follow.

What are your top information sources? Do you agree or disagree withe the results?

Part 4 will cover the top trusted sources.

2 Responses to “PSC Business Technology Resources Survey Part 3: Top Information Sources”

  1. 1) Eric Mack says:

    Hi John, Your comments about Newsletters are not inconsistent with my personal experience consuming/acquiring/sharing information. I'm surprised (but pleased) to see vendor web sites rank so high. It would heva been great if this survey included categories for blogs and social media to see how folks use that to lead them to other trusted sources. Thanks for sharing this information. Interesting results. I think it would be really interesting if others in the Notes community were to conduct similar surveys and share the results, as you have done, to begin to build an aggregate understanding.

  2. 2) John D Head says:

    One of the other questions breaks down to the blog and social media level ... coming soon

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