PSC at the Western Open

July 3 2005

PSC had a booth at the PGA's Western Open this weekend. The tournament was held at Cog Hill Golf and Country Club in Lemont, IL. We had a booth with all of the other vendors, right next to Cialas. We participated at the Western Open thru our WBBM advertising campaign. I am not so sure that PSC got as much out of it as Cingular, XM Radio, or Cialas, but it was a chance to do some name branding. I was there on Saturday and had a good time. We worked shifts, so half of the day I got to walk the course. In the morning, a co-worker and myself walked holds 1 thru 5 as David Hearn and Camilo Villegas as they started their 18 holes. While not at the top of the leader board, both were playing par golf. Watching these guys play just makes me laugh at my golf game.

In the afternoon, we set out on our goal to see Tiger Woods play. He was on 12, so we went to 15 to get a place near the green. By the time Tiger was on the 14th, the crowd had grown dramatically. Tiger putted for eagle and made it! It was amazing to watch him play. We turned around to watch him tee off on 16. He has such an amazing swing.

Overall a good event for PSC and a fun day for myself!

2 Responses to “PSC at the Western Open”

  1. 1) John Bigenwald says:

    John -- We were next to the Crestor booth. I know you are young enough not to care about the difference between Cialis and Crestor, but there comes a day when we are glad for each...

    BTW, how could you not mention Pablo Escobar (Villegas) doing yoga on the greens???? That was worth the price of admission...

  2. 2) Richard Schwartz says:

    Tiger's swing even _sounds_ great. I managed to follow his group for much of his Saturday round at last year's Deutche Bank tournament, and it was an experience that will be hard to forget.


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