July 9 2012

Midwest Lotus User Group, otherwise known as MWLUG, is coming in just over a month! I am pleased to announce that four sessions given by PSC employees appear on the agenda:

SB103: IBM Lotus Notes/Domino App. Dev. Competitive Advantage: The Social Business Edition
John Head - PSC Group, and John Beck - IBM Corporation, IBM Collaboration Solutions Worldwide Messaging Business Unit Executive

Some organizations are neglecting or under-utilizing one of the greatest IT assets in their portfolio today - the Notes/Domino application platform. Some are even considering re-coding Domino applications in other languages and development tools. In this session we present the business case and technical merits of Notes and Domino in direct comparison to other tools such as Microsoft SharePoint. We will put application migration and new application development head to head. Based on data collected from real-world engagements we will demonstrate the positive return on investment of the Notes platform. We will also discuss PSC's application modernization strategy and how it helps move customers from merely maintaining Notes applications to increasing their value with Domino XPages and advanced collaboration functionality. If your organization is considering a migration or is under using your Notes/Domino investment, this session is for you.

BP101: Keep Your Business Running! High Availability and Disaster Recovery ideas for your Social, Messaging and Collaboration Environments
Luis Guirigay - PSC Group, Senior IT Architect

How do I make my servers and solutions available 24/7? What happens if any of my servers crashes? Are we prepared for a data center outage? These are questions that every single IT Administrator needs to answer in order to keep their systems running;deliver super-fast applications and provide stability to their environments. Whether you're running Domino;Connections;Sametime or Quickr;you must ensure your environment is ready to handle unexpected issues like a system crash;a slow or unresponsive server or a network down. Plan For The Best;Prepare For The Worst! Come to this session and see how others organizations are doing it;learn how you can accomplish High Availability and be prepared to provide continuity to your Business. You will take home best practices;tips and tricks and specific recommendations for all components involved in your Social;Messaging and Collaboration environments.

AD111: XPages, jQuery, and Dojo - a new paradigm in Client Side JavaScript
Mark Roden - PSC Group, Senior Developer

In this session we will take a deep look at how dojo and jQuery can be used to easily manipulate the Document Model of your XPage. This truly opens up a new paradigm for solving every day development problems. Take back your web browser and significantly reduce your compatibility issues. We will look at several useful Tools to use in building your CSJS code;identify resources and illustrate effective methodologies for Client Side JavaScript development in XPages.

On top of those three sessions, we have a sponsor session that Andrew Barickman is going to use as a pure development session. Something cool about XPages I am sure ... *cough* :-)

See everyone in Pittsburg in August!

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  1. 1) Roy Rumaner says:

    That's 3, what is number 4?

  2. 2) John Head says:

    Roy - must have missed this part "On top of those three sessions, we have a sponsor session that Andrew Barickman is going to use as a pure development session. Something cool about XPages I am sure ... *cough* :-)"

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