PSC at IamLUG 2013

April 8 2013

Interested in IBM Collaboration Solutions? Want to attend this quarter's largest user group in the US? Want to learn more about Notes & Domino 9, Connections 4.5, and much more? Then you should be attending IamLUG 2013 on May 6th and 7th in St. Louis, MO USA.

Image:PSC at IamLUG 2013

PSC Group, LLC has been a big supporter of IamLUG since the first one in 2009. PSC is one of two Gold sponsors. We will have a table talking about our solutions and the Application Modernization Center. We also have a few sessions the fantasic PSC team:

Don't Roll Your Own, Integrate...Collaboration On the Ground and In the Clouds
Speakers: Troy Reimer Kathy Brown Track: Development
Your users want to collaborate, so how do you provide that ability within your XPages applications without coding from scratch? Troy and Kathy will show you how to take advantage of existing collaboration capabilities and integrate them with your apps. They will begin with a simple integration of XPages and TeamRooms. Next they will demonstrate more complex integration, using XPages to surface data like files and activity streams from IBM Connections and SmartCloud Engage, using the IBM Connections API.

Opening the Toolbox: Tools for the Domino Developer
Speakers: Julian Robichaux Kathy Brown Track: Development
It’s always important to have the right tool for the job. You wouldn’t use a screwdriver to hammer in a nail. It might eventually work, but it would take a lot longer. Tradesmen like plumbers and electricians make it look easy, but sometimes it is because they have all of those specialized tools. Julian and Kathy will open up the toolbox and show you some of the tools available to make your job as a Domino Developer even easier. Even better, most of the tools are free! They’ll cover tools for agents, XPages, browsers, testing, ideas for building your own tools, and more. It's like a home improvement show for developers!

What’s Next? Application Modernization Roadmap For Socializing IBM Notes and Domino
Speakers: John Head  John Beck Track: I Don't Know Where This Fits
Some organizations neglect or under-utilize one of the greatest IT assets in their portfolio - the line of business application. Most were built 10+ years ago with no Web, mobile, or social. This session describes the application revolution taking place, covering the options and best practices required for success. Migration and new development will be compared and contrasted. Real-world data will demonstrate the positive potential return on investment. We will discuss PSC's Application Modernization Center and how it helps move customers from merely maintaining Notes applications to increasing their value with XPages. If your organization is considering a migration or an XPages solution for your Notes/Domino investments, this session is for you!

I look forward to seeing everyone there!

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