PSC at Connect 2013 - XPages: No Experience Needed

January 22 2013

The first session being given by a PSC Group employee is XPages: No Experience Needed. Kathy Brown of PSC Group and David Leedy will be presenting Monday at 4:30 PM in the Swan Osprey 1-2 room. This is a Show 'n Tell session, so expect to see a step by step  walk through. In their words:

Want to build an XPages application, but not sure how? Kathy and Dave will show you how to build a sample help desk application from start to finish. Step by Step they will show you how to create, read, update, and delete tickets. Along the way you'll be introduced the most common XPages concepts like SSJS, Custom Controls, View and Repeat Controls, Extension Library, CSS frameworks, and much more. Go home with a working application that you can use today!

These sessions fill up fast, so arrive early!

4 Responses to “PSC at Connect 2013 - XPages: No Experience Needed”

  1. 1) DudeDirksson says:

    I thought IBM Connect was covering INDEPTH technology? Info for starters was a couple of years ago?

  2. 2) John Lindsay says:

    Is this likely to be available as a recording or slideshare after Connect John?

  3. 3) John D Head says:

    @DudeDirksson - Connect had some of the most adavanced sessions on XPages ever given, but there are some first time attendees that go every year. And there are still people learning XPages. The magic of the the Connect content team is that they figure out how to balance it all.

  4. 4) John D Head says:

    @John I know the slides will be posted by Kathy and David. As for something more detailed, I like that idea. Let me see what I can get Kathy and David to do.

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