PSC at Connect 2013 - What’s Next? Application Modernization Roadmap For Socializing IBM Notes and Domino

January 24 2013

I am lucky to get to speak at Connect 2013 and present with John Beck of IBM on "What's Next? Application Modernization Roadmap For Socializing IBM Notes and Domino." This session is at 8:30 AM on Thursday in the Dolphin Northern Hemisphere A - C room - my first main stage experience! The session is in the Application Development track and will cover:

Some organizations neglect or under-utilize one of the greatest IT assets in their portfolio - the line of business application. Most were built 10+ years ago with no Web, mobile, or social. This session describes the application revolution taking place, covering the options and best practices required for success. Migration and new development will be compared and contrasted. Real-world data will demonstrate the positive potential return on investment. We will discuss PSC's Application Modernization Center and how it helps move customers from merely maintaining Notes applications to increasing their value with XPages. If your organization is considering a migration or an XPages solution for your Notes/Domino investments, this session is for you!

I am going head to head with Mark for this session, but they are targeted at different audiences. This session is for the decision maker who is trying to decide what to do with all of those Notes applications or the developer trying to convince an executive back home to consider XPages. This is an updated version of the session John and I gave in 2013, but it's both more technical and more broad than before. Looking forward to seeing you in the audience!