PSC at Connect 2013 - Lessons Learned from the World’s Largest XPage Project

January 23 2013

One of the sessions I am looking forward to the most is "Lessons Learned from the World's Largest XPage Project" give by PSC Group's Andrew Barickman and Mark Roden. This session, given on Tuesday at 8:15 AM in Swan 1-2 is going to highlight what we learned working on an XPages project that took over 18 months and 14 consultants. The session will cover:

Working on the world's largest XPages implementation has its challenges. Modernizing an IBM Notes client application used in over 105 countries by over 100,000 users teaches you a lot! In this session, we'll share some of the challenges and our approach to overcoming them. We'll demonstrate a new XPinC performance feature in the upcoming Social Edition being added as a result of our work with IBM. We'll also demonstrate best practices in user interaction, share lessons learned on team development using a single .nsf file -- and much more. Come and find out more about how you can save time, money and avoid end-user frustration as we share our experiences - and open the covers of the largest XPages project in the world. Sample DB provided!

Come early - its a small room!

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