PSC at Connect 2013 - jQuery: The World’s Most Popular JavaScript Library Comes to XPages

January 23 2013

On Thursday morning at 8:30 AM in Swan 3-4, PSC Group's Mark Roden will present "jQuery: The World's Most Popular JavaScript Library Comes to XPages." This session is for intermediate and experienced XPages developers who are looking for more options in their XPages development. What you can expect:

Whether you want to add some serious eye candy to your XPages Applications or just want to do more with less code, jQuery, the world's most popular JavaScript framework can help you. Come to this session and find out how you can use some of the thousands of jQuery plugins, in harmony with Dojo, within your XPages applications to create a better experience not only for your users, but for you as a developer. In this session, we'll look at how jQuery works, how to add it to your XPages, and how a complete JavaScript beginner can take advantage of its power. We'll demonstrate many working examples -- and a sample database will be provided.

This is a geeky session with great demos!