April 26 2013

It can be hard to put into words how great an organization is. I have said many times on my blog how much I love working at PSC Group over the past 12+ years. But it always helps when others talk about it as well.

Last week, both Mark Roden and Kathy Brown blogged about receiving their first star points in the PSC Group's 5 Points of Excellence program. It is our own internal career development program for employees. This is based in something we call Clear Vision, which is the culture at the company. It is a great program that focuses on a person's strengths. Each person can earn 5 star points out of a possible 25. The 25 points are the areas we as a company want to have.

Reading about Mark and Kathy talk about this program and achieving their first points made me smile. They are just two of the many people at PSC Group that were recognized so far this year. That includes myself.

I earned my 5th Star Point in 'Network" (my other two are in Sell, Propose, Mentor, and Evangelize). For myself, this was about how I have taken it upon myself to grow outside of the Lotus community. I sit on a not-for-profit board and am joining the junior board of a major Chicago networking organization in September. I have really pushed myself to build a great network outside of the my friends, or as Ed put it so well, family. As a salesperson, I need that larger network to help PSC continue to grow. To find new and interesting work for our consultants. To meet my own goals.

Working at PSC has been my best professional experience of my life. I look forward to continuing that for many years to come.